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Supply & Install

Whether it be replacing that tired old machine, upgrading to keep with the trends or expanding to new equipment, ECS can help with it all..

We can supply & install...

    •    Display Cabinets
    •    Blast Chillers
    •    Under bench Fridges / Freezers
    •    Pizza prep Fridges
    •    Cool Rooms
    •    Freezer Rooms
    •    Super Chillers
    •    Ice Machines
    •    Slushy Machines
    •    Medical Fridges
    •    All Air Conditioning Systems
Supermarket Freezer Brema Ice maker
             Fujitsu Air Conditioner
When these items are supplied by ECS, we don’t just drop them at the door and run.. We will not only connect them, we will provide you with some handy hints and suggestions to extend the life, reduce the costs and avoid the risk of breakdowns.

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